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Building a Sponsorship Program

Launching a Sponsorship Program for Your Event or Annual Meeting

Here at Scurry Street, we're all about making sponsorship programs as accessible as your favorite coffee shop (minus the complex latte orders). ☕️ Our clients often face the daunting task of securing funds to turn their annual meetings into unforgettable experiences. Hosting a conference demands financial resources for speakers, marketing, and more. That's where a well-crafted sponsorship program can work wonders.

In this newsletter, we'll walk you through the process of kickstarting a top-notch sponsorship program for your annual conference and explore the fantastic benefits it brings. So, let's roll up our sleeves and get started on defining objectives, identifying potential sponsors, creating appealing sponsorship packages, making compelling pitches, fostering enduring relationships, and ensuring promises are kept.

We'll also share some nifty tips to keep your sponsorship program growing like a well-tended garden. So, grab your preferred beverage, settle in, and let's dive into the world of sponsorship with the enthusiasm of a squirrel on the hunt for its next acorn treasure!


Meet The Team!

Meet the marvelous Toncie Roberson, a true travel maven and a vital part of the Scurry Street team. Toncie brings a wealth of experience to our roster, having served as a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel (and we tip our hats to you, Toncie! 🫡).

With a background in meeting and event management, Toncie possesses the remarkable ability to seamlessly orchestrate all the moving parts that go into organizing your business and group travel requirements. Let's take a closer look at the person who's dedicated to ensuring your travel experiences are nothing short of exceptional.

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