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We Found Love in a Meeting Space🎶

This month, we hope you are spending time with the people, the places, and doing the things you love ❤️. At Scurry Street, there’s a lot to love about the work we do. Here are just a few of our favorite things…


🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Connecting tribes

 The heart of meetings is bringing people together who have a shared cause, a common interest, or a profession they are passionate about. We love creating the perfect environment to spark ideas and connections and bring people closer to, well…their people.

Photo: Spoken Motion Studios


🌱 Helping organizations grow

We work almost exclusively with nonprofits and associations, so helping them reach their strategic goals - fundraising, membership, advocacy, awareness - brings meaning and energy to our work.

Photo: Scurry Street Meetings & Events


🐕 Working with animals

Sometimes, if we are super lucky, a few furry friends join our events 🐾. Whether it’s an animal rescue organization, service dogs in training, or someone’s trusty sidekick, we think puppy kisses are the best kisses.

Photo: Nann Philips


🌎 Changing the world

We are incredibly honored to work with many organizations whose missions align with our own values. It is meaningful and humbling. Our clients’ work includes combating juvenile sex trafficking, helping non-profit fundraisers cultivate financial support for their organizations, training fire service leaders and first responders, helping family farms thrive by bringing nutritious food and education to schools and food pantries, providing training and development for community-based financial leaders, and so much more. #TheMissionMatters

Photo: Nann Philips


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead


I could not let February go by without wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year! The year of the Wood Dragon 🐲 is forecasted to bring about opportunities, changes, and challenges, and I say, “Bring it on!” I promise to keep you posted on our adventures!

I'd also love to hear from you!

· What new opportunities are on the horizon for your year?

· What new adventures will you be taking?

This newsletter is an outlet for all of us to keep each other "top of mind", and I always welcome an impromptu hello in my inbox!

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