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November Client Event Recap

November was a busy month for the Scurry Street team! We worked with clients on opposite sides of the country on two very different events. During this season of giving and thankfulness, the work we do with both organizations is an inspirational reminder of the power of bringing people together to truly change the world.



At the start of this month, Scurry Street was honored to partner with Shared Hope International to bring their JuST Conference to life. It was an extraordinary opportunity for us to be part of not only the 10th anniversary of the conference but also the organization’s 25th anniversary. Over three days, we hosted more than 900 attendees, speakers, partners, and exhibitors. We facilitated four keynote speakers, nearly 40 breakout sessions, four receptions, and one very popular book signing. All of this with only six weeks to ramp up! Many thanks to Matt Orley of Big Paper Strategy (live illustration) for connecting us.

JuST (JuST = juvenile sex trafficking) is the nation’s leading conference dedicated to providing educational opportunities, raising awareness, and preventing the sex trafficking of minors in the United States. Shared Hope’s daunting but inspiring work is a reminder of why Scurry Street is committed to bringing non-profit missions to life through events that embody your organizational purpose. #TheMissionMatters

Amazing DC-based Scurry Street team: Tammy Wightman, Kimberly Jones, Lisa Yonkers, and Scurry Street founder Nann Philips.


Volunteers and staff ready to welcome more than 900 participants. Photo courtesy of Shared Hope International.


Opening General Session. Photo: Scurry Street Meetings & Events.


Photo courtesy of Shared Hope International


Live illustrator Matt Orley, who has been part of the conference for 13 years. Photo courtesy of Shared Hope International.


So many takeaways, so many boards!


In mid-November, the Scurry Street Meetings & Events team traveled to sunny Sacramento, CA, where we brought together more than 500 behavioral scientists, climate action advocates, researchers, advisors, and policy-makers for The Behavior, Energy, and Climate Change Conference (BECC) . BECC is the premier conference focused on understanding human behavior and decision-making and using that knowledge to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future. Nearly 40 states and 16 countries were represented. This event is somewhat unique in that nearly half of all participants are also speakers, a reflection of the strong emphasis on knowledge-sharing and exploration of innovative ideas in the climate action space. Rockstar Scurry Street team members Candace Wallner and Julie Wong, CMP expertly managed more than 200 individual presentations, eight keynote speakers, 39 breakout sessions, three networking events, ten F&B functions, and three pre-and post-conference workshops. In the end, we helped deliver thought leadership and proven methodologies to advance sustainability practices and bring energy equity to all. #TheMissionMatters

All photos: Michael Pegram Photography


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