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Introducing Toncie Roberson!

Meet the Team

Toncie Roberson, CMP, CTA®, ACC

Scurry Street Travel Advisor

Toncie Roberson is our travel advisor extraordinaire. In addition to being a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel (thank you for your service! 🫡), Toncie has a background in meeting and event management and can tie all the loose ends together when organizing your business and group travel needs. Let’s get to know Toncie a little better.

What is the most rewarding part of your role at Scurry Street?

The most rewarding part of my role at Scurry Street is that I can provide travel services and support to the Scurry Street clients. Scurry Street Travel offers another solution for clients when planning their meeting and event needs. Making Scurry Street a “One-Stop” shop for meetings, events, and travel.

What’s your superpower - your unique skill or talent that makes you invaluable to our clients?

My superpower is Planning. Planning an event or travel is like a puzzle. I enjoy planning events and travel, by putting all the pieces together to see a bigger picture. No matter how people get to their destination or why they are traveling, I want to make sure they have a stress-free travel experience. I can’t control the airlines and other suppliers, but I can help provide service and recommendations to keep stress levels down.

What dream job would you do for free?

I didn’t know what I wanted to do after I retired from the military. I never envisioned being an event and travel consultant. I researched the industry and decided to invest in it. I love planning events, enjoy the people I’ve met and places that I have never been before. I am doing what I love AND getting paid for it!

Favorite travel destination and why?

Germany. I LOVE German cuisine 🥨🍻. In addition, two of my sons were born at military bases in Germany. I like touring the country from the modern cities to the old castles.

Ultimate dinner party - name three of your guests.

My Ultimate dinner party would be one that I did not have to plan, organize, cook, or manage. I would love to just arrive at the location, find my seat, and enjoy the company of the other guests. My husband would be my “plus-1.” I don’t want to name any others as I don’t want to leave anyone out. The dinner party would be about fellowship and enjoying good food.

What’s your walk-on song?

The General’s March – “Ruffles and Flourishes”. This is a military song to announce the entrance of general officers. It is short and sweet, but very attention-getting. LOL! This song will announce that “I AM HERE” and pay attention!

My Travel Tips

  • Vacations - Plan early. If you are thinking about traveling to next year- 2024 or beyond, NOW is the time to start the research. Contacting me or another Travel Consultant, I can help in your planning. We are a treasure trove of information and resources.

  • Packing – Use packing cubes to help organize your luggage.

  • Apply for TSA pre-check.

  • Get a Passport.

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