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The Scurry Street Trip Kit

Most meeting & event managers may carry a simple toolkit, but not us at Scurry Street! Oh no, we take our obsession with office supplies to a whole new level. There's always room for more sticky notes, sharpies, tape, and power cords. If it fits, it kits! After all, we believe that being prepared is the key to success in any event.

The birth of our legendary trip kit happened in March of 2022. As the meetings industry began to emerge from the pandemic and in-person events started picking up steam, we were itching to hit the road after spending two years immersed in the digital world. We were ready to make a statement and show that we were not messing around!

As with many things we do at Scurry Street, it all started with a list. But not just any list - an alphabetized inventory that we meticulously inspect before every trip. We included the usual suspects like pens, notepads, and batteries, but then we got a little carried away - because hey, at Scurry Street, we like to work smart and be prepared for anything!

So, what are some of the not-so-usual suspects that have made it into our legendary trip kit? Well, let us tell you about a few of our prized possessions that have proved to be worth their weight in extra baggage fees.

First up, our trusty mobile printer. This little three-pound powerhouse has saved the day countless times with its ability to quickly reprint badges, handle small print jobs, and provide that much-needed hard copy when we're in a pinch. It's a true event-planning superhero that always comes to our rescue.

Then there are the vinyl directional arrows. These babies can be applied and reapplied to almost any surface without leaving a single mark, making them perfect for guiding attendees in the right direction without damaging the venue. They're like little colorful breadcrumbs that lead the way to event success.

Of course, we can't forget about our charging hub and various charging cables. We always set this up at the registration desk, ready to save the day for anyone who has lost their charger or doesn't have time to run back to their room to grab it. It's a charging oasis for all the tech-savvy attendees out there.

And let's talk about blue painter's tape. This stuff is a true MVP in our trip kit. Not only is it great for mounting posters on podiums or walls without leaving any marks, but it's also handy for lint removal and fixing fallen hems. We've lost count of

how many exhibitors we've lent this magical tape to - it's a true event planner's best friend.

Oh, and power strips with surge protectors? You bet we bring our own! We know how expensive it can be to rent these at venues, so we always come prepared with our own power strips to keep all our gadgets charged and ready to go.

But wait, there's more! We even have an actual toolbox within our trip kit. That's right, a toolkit within a toolkit. Because you never know when you might need a screwdriver, a wrench, or some other handy tool to fix a last-minute hiccup during an event. We're all about being resourceful and having solutions at our fingertips.

And let's not forget the fun stuff! Our trip kit also includes an assortment of tickets, colored wristbands, and lanyards to add a touch of flair and organization to our events. Who says event planning can't be fun and stylish?

In fact, our original trip kit, which we fondly named "Tiki", was so oversized and tacky that we knew she was meant for us from the moment we brought her home. It's all about adding a little personality and flair to our event-planning adventures!

So there you have it - some of the not-so-usual suspects that have found a permanent place in our trip kit. We may have gotten a little carried away, but at Scurry Street, we believe in being prepared for anything and everything. After all, when it comes to event planning, you never know what challenges or opportunities may come your way. But with our epic trip kit by our side, we're always ready to tackle them with style, creativity, and a dash of fun!

Sadly, Tiki suffered a mortal injury on her last voyage (a wheel popped off, but we were able to hobble her home). Her life with us was short but meaningful.

After a winter hiatus, 2.0 came along - a bit more compact and we hope a bit tougher. But as they say, it’s bad luck for her/him/them to be unnamed, which is where you come in. We're calling on all our creative and fun-loving readers to help us come up with the perfect name for our trusty companion. And as a thank you, we're even offering a fun gift card to whoever comes up with our favorite moniker.

So, put on your thinking caps and get those creative juices flowing. Stay tuned for our next newsletter, where we'll reveal the lucky winner and the official name of our upgraded trip kit. Because at Scurry Street, we believe that even our trip kit deserves a little personality and flair. Happy naming, and here's to many more adventures with "Trip Kit 2.0"!

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