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Happy Birthday Marshy!

We love (over)sharing about our dogs 🐕🐾. Back in April, we mentioned that our little guy, Freddie, taught our big guy, Marshy, how to “be a dog”. Well, Marshmallow (“Marshy”, “Marsh”, “Big Boy”, etc.) celebrated what we think is his 10th birthday on June 2, a special day for lots of reasons!

In early 2016, we had to say goodbye to our “firstborn”, a sweet Basenji boy named Jack. We swore it would take a year before we could even think about bringing another dog into our home, but eight months later, when we finally brought ourselves to donate Jack’s old bedding and toys to the SPCA of Texas, guess who was waiting for us?

Marshy’s “freedom walk”. If it looks like he’s trying to run away, it’s because he was. Marshy had been at the shelter nearly three months before we found him (or, he found us), weighed only 35 pounds, was finishing up heartworm treatment, and was very, very shut down and terrified of everything and everyone.

It was 💗 at first sight.

Marshy is now close to 60 pounds of sweetness and smoosh-facedness. He loves cheese, biscuits (the people kind), and anything off the grill. He is also now an expert cuddler.

And that extra special June 2 date? That was the intake date on his paperwork - the day the county sheriff's department seized him from a property and brought him into the shelter. We do not know his actual birthdate. June 2 also happens to be my birthday, given to me by my adoptive mother because my true birthdate is also unknown. It was her mother’s birthday. When we saw that date on his paperwork, we knew it was meant to be. I also share my birthday with my two twin nephews, who are both in college and becoming full-fledged adults 😭.

We have so many reasons to celebrate this month! We hope the summer is off to a great start for you and look forward to catching up in July.

Very camera shy. This was the first time he sat still for a photo (four months in).

Living his best life. #sunworshipper

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