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From the frontlines: our review of Swoogo’s speaker management module

Updated: Jun 26, 2023


One of our non-profit clients recently made the switch, at our recommendation, from Cvent to Swoogo. There were many compelling reasons for them to change, not the least of which was the need for better, more affordable abstract collection, speaker management, and agenda-building tools.

What we love about the speaker management module

  • Affordable add-on to the Swoogo event management module

  • Initial build is very similar to a registration build, including a fully interactive website for speakers to interact with. If you’re already working with Swoogo, the Speaker Management module will be an easy learning curve

  • Two distinct user experiences - one for abstract submitters and one for abstract reviewers

  • Abstracts can be reviewed by multiple reviewers and returned to submitters for changes or clarifications before they are approved

  • A built-in safeguard: reviewers cannot review their own abstracts 🤓

Once approved, the workflow enables you to convert abstracts into sessions to build the agenda, which in turn flows to the registration site and mobile app 💖

What could be better (or is still in development)

  • We would love this module to work more like the registration module, but there are key differences in how the data is organized and displayed. On the upside, Swoogo is very responsive to our feedback and is actively working to implement several of our requests.

  • Reviewer portal could be more dynamic. Ideally, it would behave more like the registration reporting - including more user friendly search and sort functionality.

This is a very topline take on what is a very robust tool. If you or your organization manage a call for papers or presentations that involves more than, say, 20-30 speakers, we recommend taking a look at Swoogo’s Speaker Management capabilities. The interconnectedness of all the pieces and modules is freaking priceless. Their commitment to clean layouts and intuitive functionality on the back end is apparent. Perhaps most importantly, Swoogo’s customer support has a culture of collaboration, helpfulness, kindness, and creativity - very rare in a customer support experience. Have questions? We’d love to share any insights that you might find helpful!

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