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Let Us Re-Introduce Ourselves

Welcome to the Scurry Street community!

You may be wondering why you received this email - well, you're one of our favorite people! We've worked together, shared a meal or a laugh, and we value your input. If you prefer not to receive our newsletters, you can unsubscribe anytime or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, or other platforms at your convenience.

So, who are we?

We're Scurry Street Meetings & Events, an independent, woman- and minority-owned company specializing in meeting and event management for non-profits and associations. We love celebrating our clients' successes and are always looking for ways to better serve them.

What's in it for you?

You'll get an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek into how we work with our clients, the technology hacks we love (and some duds), and notes from the road. We'll also share observations, insights, and oddities we come across on our journey to make your business events better.

This is not just a newsletter, it's a conversation.

Our experienced team at Scurry Street is always eager to learn and improve. We promise to listen more than we speak and invite you - our clients and colleagues - to join us on this journey.


Meet Our Team

Nann S. Philips CMP, CMM, DES, PMED Founder & CEO Scurry Street’s founder has nearly three decades of experience producing a wide range of world-class events and experiences. Her superpower is making complex things simple through a strategic event management lens. Nann and her husband love to experience the world through food and travel and are parents to two very spoiled rescue dogs, who serve as unofficial mascots for Scurry Street.

Candace Wallner

Event Operations

Candace has dedicated her entire professional career to association management. Among her many superpowers, she is the wizardess behind the curtain supporting all of Scurry Street’s technology platforms and projects. She and her husband live near Austin with their two young daughters. They enjoy live music, barbecue, and fermenting things.

Lisa Benson

Event Operations

Lisa Benson is a customer-focused professional with more than 30 years of experience in the travel industry, including contracting and managing group and meeting travel for multi-tier corporate and leisure accounts. Lisa’s superpower is her knowledge of hotel operations, marketing, reservations, sales, and group travel planning for domestic and international events. Lisa lives near Dallas with her husband, and their three adult sons attend universities throughout Texas. When not at work, Lisa enjoys spending time with family, cooking, gardening, and traveling. She is an advocate and volunteer for the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Stand Up to Cancer.

Toncie Roberson


Travel Services

Toncie is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who turned her military experience and training into a post-military career in the event and travel industry. She and her husband have five very active adult children, and they recently transplanted from San Antonio to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. She leverages her expertise in domestic and international travel to support Scurry Street’s Travel Services office. Toncie loves to combine work and play through cruises and traveling.


Book Travel with Scurry Street

New this year, we are pleased to offer a brand new travel service! Managing your travel bookings can be stressful, which is why we're thrilled to offer a solution that will help ease the burden.

Our team is ready to handle all your travel needs, from event attendees to general business travel and even your family vacation. Let us take care of the details, so you can focus on what really matters.

With our trusted travel service, you can rest assured that your travel booking experience will be hassle-free, and enjoyable. Contact us today to learn more!

If It Fits, It Kits!

Most meeting & event managers may carry a simple toolkit, but not us at Scurry Street! Oh no, we take our obsession with office supplies to a whole new level. There's always room for more sticky notes, sharpies, tape, and power cords in our trip kit. If it fits, it kits! After all, we believe that being prepared is the key to success in any event.

Nann's Notebook

Happy Birthday, Freddie!

Freddie (short for his full given name, Alfredo 🤣) is one of the two rescue mutts who rule our lives. The photo on the right was taken in front of the Humane Society of North Texas on the day we brought him home. He was 10 weeks old, weighed 3.5 pounds, and looked like a white rat/ferret/alpaca hybrid. This was literally the day after I left my association job and opened the doors to Scurry Street. Freddie was born in foster care, so we know his real birthday, something especially meaningful to me as an adopted child. There are countless things we love about Fred, but what truly makes him special is that he taught our other rescue, Marshy, how to be a dog. You’ll learn more about Marshy soon. For now, we will spoil Freddie with his favorite snacks (he’ll eat anything) and toys (a $2 green rubber ball and my shoes). We love you madly, Little Mouse!

p.s. - As you can tell, we are passionate about animal rescue and always encourage anyone who is looking to add a furry friend to their family to visit their local rescue or animal shelter. #rescuedismyfavoritebreed

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