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The Continued Case for Virtual Learning

Why Virtual Learning is Still Relevant For Member-Driven Associations

In early 2021, The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) partnered with Scurry Street to launch a new webinar platform during the pandemic. Their online learning program is still thriving alongside the return of in-person conferences. Volunteer members host webinars and subject matter experts contribute to content development. Collaborating with sponsors brings in speaking talent, and the BigMarker platform provides comprehensive metrics. The IAFC's online learning program offers flexibility, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. It eliminates barriers, provides global access to quality content, and allows members to learn at their own pace. Scurry Street is proud to support the IAFC in delivering virtual learning opportunities that help its first-responder members improve community safety.

From the Frontlines: Our Review of Swoogo’s Speaker Management Module

One of our non-profit organizations recently switched from Cvent to Swoogo based on recommendations for better abstract collection, speaker management, and agenda-building tools. The speaker management module of Swoogo is praised for being an affordable add-on with a user-friendly interface for abstract submitters and reviewers. It allows for multiple reviewers, feedback loops with submitters, and conversion of approved abstracts into sessions for agenda creation. However, any change always has a hiccup or two. Some areas of improvement are aligning the module's functionality with the registration module and enhancing the reviewer portal's search and sort capabilities. Overall, Swoogo's interconnectedness, clean layouts, intuitive functionality, and excellent customer support make it a valuable option for organizations managing conferences with a substantial number of speakers.

Nann's Notebook

We love (over) sharing about our dogs 🐕🐾. Back in April, we mentioned that our little guy, Freddie, taught our big guy, Marshy, how to “be a dog”. Well, Marshmallow (“Marshy”, “Marsh”, “Big Boy”, etc.) celebrated what we think is his 10th birthday on June 2, a special day for lots of reasons! In early 2016, we had to say goodbye to our “firstborn”, a sweet Basenji boy named Jack. We swore it would take a year before we could even think about bringing another dog into our home, but eight months later, when we finally brought ourselves to donate Jack’s old bedding and toys to the SPCA of Texas, guess who was waiting for us?

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