Nann S. Philips,
Home on Scurry Street
Big Spring, TX
ca 1976

My first job at a fast-casual fried chicken restaurant (way before “fast casual” was a thing) taught me the fundamentals of creating memorable experiences, providing exceptional customer service, and working as part of a team. Getting up at 4 a.m. and hitting the pillow at midnight reinforced the strong work ethic my mother had already instilled. Fast forward about 15 years and those lessons came into play with my first role in the events industry, organizing job fairs and corporate events for a Dallas-based media company. I didn’t want the job. I thought, “I’m in advertising sales – why would I want to be in charge of events?” As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.


Now, after more than two decades of “being in charge of events”, I work with organizations to make their business events even better – developing sponsorship and exhibit programs, improving attendee experiences, and helping them make thoughtful, strategic decisions about event design, marketing, communications, and technology. Scurry Street is named after the home where I lived as a child, to honor my family and remember my roots. It's been quite a journey from that little green bungalow in the red West Texas dirt. 


When I’m not helping my clients, my husband and I explore the world through travel and food and spend an unreasonable amount of time spoiling our two rescue pups and unofficial company mascots, Marshy (sweet, shy Pittie mix) and Freddie (sorta sweet, not shy Terrier mix). And I still love fried chicken.

unofficial mascots


Beth Brooks, CAE
Executive Director, Texas College of Emergency Physicians

“Nann has a great work ethic, is a great writer and communicator with excellent follow-up. She did a wonderful job selling our exhibit booths and sponsorships. Highly recommend her.”

Kathie Niesen, CMP

Chief of Staff, Pedorthic Footcare Association

“INann is great to work with. She is a true go-getter. She is very conscientious and has a great work ethic. No job is too big or small and she works to make sure the end product is what the client wants.

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Tel: +1 972-489-0718

Rick Robinson,

Managing Director at Ramsee Consulting Group l Vistage
Trusted Advisor

“I have collaborated with Nann on several different projects over the last seven years.
Nann is smart, creative, energetic, positive, and a pleasure to work with. She is a high-
character individual, and I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Chris Ball,

Account Executive at Belo Media Group

“Nann has a comprehensive skill set which allows her to create long-lasting relationships
with clients at all levels. She is extremely detail-oriented and has excellent customer
service skills, as well as follow-up. When we worked side-by-side on many projects, Nann
was the person everyone looked to for guidance in completing the projects. If I were given
the opportunity in the future, I'd love to have her on my team again.”